Life in an Irish Cottage

Watercolour Painting of Irish Cottage

Life in an Irish Cottage

This is where we live, my husband Ben and I. It’s a small little Irish cottage with a big heart nestled in the hills near Macroom in the County of Cork. I moved in with Ben when we got engaged in November 2011. Ben is Australian and moved to Ireland over 10 years ago – it still baffles me how he found this little Irish cottage in the middle of nowhere! I’m glad he did, as I get to live and work in a very beautiful part of the world.

Our Irish cottage is close to The Gearagh (An Gaoire) (irish name for wooded river) which is known for its rare plant life and a haven for birdwatchers. Before I moved here, this part of the country was unknown to me and months later I’m still finding my way around the little byroads and boreens. Getting lost can be fun as you never know what you’ll find; a heron perched on a branch by the roadside, a fox dashing across the road or a friendly cow peering over the ditch (and me kicking myself that I didn’t bring my camera to catch it!!) Finding my way around is one thing, but settling in has been easy, it’s so tranquil and peaceful and everyone you meet is friendly (although, bumping into people out here can be rare!)

I’ve always had a grá for the Irish cottage and always dreamed one day of living in one.

It’s important that this painting of our Irish cottage marks my first blog entry. While friends and family have encouraged me for years to paint more, it was Ben and moving here that gave me the courage to show my art to the rest of the world. I painted this watercolour of the cottage for Ben in 2011 while we were going out only a short time, it was a gift from the heart and something I knew he would love. I’ve always had a grá for the Irish cottage and always dreamed one day of living in one, with a pretty garden and vegetable patch. Not only do I live my dream, I get to design and paint from here while married to an amazing man that understands the need for me to be creative. The more you get to know me, you’ll see I love the simple things in life and this blog is a way for me to appreciate the wonderful things that life can bring.

Some Irish-isms for my non Irish Friends:
Grá = love
Boreen comes from the Irish word Bóithrín which means ‘a little road’

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