‘Friends for Donkey’s Years’ Oil on Wood


25 x 38cm Oil on Wood
“Donkey’s Years”, I’ve always loved this expression. It’s used quite a bit in Ireland & the UK to describe a very long time. With a little research I have found that the phrase comes from “Donkey’s Ears” referring to the length of a donkey’s ears.

I came across these donkeys last year in Skibbereen. They are great ole buddies that never leave one another’s side. This painting is perfect for a buddy you’ve been friends with for yonks, ages, forever, a lifetime……for donkey’s years!




The above cost is the price for an unframed piece of art. I will help you choose a frame to suit the painting if you so wish. Please contact me directly for a quotation for framing and I can organise shipping to anywhere in the World. However, If you live in Ireland or plan on visiting Ireland I would be happy to discuss options on getting a framed painting to you, please email me or call me to discuss further. 026 46820 art@siobhanduggan.ie


When you order an unframed work it is highly recommended that they be taken to your local framer to be professionally framed. This is important for asthetic value but also because your painting must be protected to ensure a long life.