Flooded Marsh – The Gearagh Macroom


20cm x 20cm print with 7cm mount surround.

Prints of original pastel paintings.

The Gearagh

(An Ghaoraidh) meaning wooded river is a  statutory nature reserve, a European protected habitat and a wetland of international importance.

It is one of the few alluvial forests in Europe and the only one west of the River Rhine. It was formed at the end of the Ice Age when the meltwater from the great glacier which originated  in Gougane Barra gushed out from the confines of the upper Lee Valley.

The abrupt change in velocity resulted in the deposition of great quantities of rock and soil which formed islands separated by numerous streams. It was on these that the woodlands developed.

Sadly, several hundred acres were clear-felled in the 1950s as a hydro-electric scheme was developed downstream. Thankfully the forest is experiencing a rebirth.

Biologists from all over the world are fascinated by this incredible and unique natural resource but strangely its importance here in Ireland is privy to just a few.

Kevin Corcoran, author, environmentalist and descendant of the Gearagh says;

“As a nature reserve, it is of immense importance, being the nesting site and breeding ground for many migratory birds, and home to others all year round. 

The Gearagh is also rich in botanical treasures, including the rare and protected Mudwort (Limosella aquatica) which creates a green lawn around the reservoir, and the Marsh Ragwort (Senecio aquaticus) which turns gold in the summer…..Nature is also fighting back, as the trees re-establish themselves all round the perimeter of the reserve. Oak is colonising some of the drier islands along with Ash, Birch and Hazel. Willows and Alder are confined to the wetter depressions and stream margins”

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Limited Edition of 10 Prints only

There are 10 limited edition prints made of this painting. Each print is individually authenticated with a number and signed by me. Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and embossed with my artist seal. My embossed seal assures customers that their print is genuine.

The Printing Process

With my graphic design background I am very particular about print quality. When it comes to the reproduction of my paintings I’ve become even more meticulous!. Great effort goes into assuring that your print meets my high expectations, and no prints leave my studio before I have personally inspected them to assure they meet my standards.

My images are printed with pigment on archival paper (Hahnemühle Photo Rag 188g), a velvety smooth clean white matte paper. Hahnemühle mill is in Germany and was founded 1584. It has a long history of producing paper with a very sophisticated level of quality.

The print quality is so close to the original painting you can actually see the strokes and texture of the pastel on the print, making it difficult to tell the difference from the original. I’ve often ran my finger over the prints to make certain it’s a print and not an original!

  • Mounted Prints: Prints have a 3 inch mount (see photograph above) ready for framing.


    Producing professional archival quality prints takes time. We strive to get your images to you as soon as possible. If you require your print in a hurry please let me know and I will do my best to rush your order.

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