Paintings for the Donkey Sanctuary

Paintings for the Donkey Sanctuary; A treat for art lovers and donkey lovers!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that the Donkey Sanctuary is the other charity I have chosen to work with this Christmas. I am currently working on two Paintings for the Donkey Sanctuary and I will sell limited edition prints of the paintings to raise money for the charity before Christmas.

I am familiar with the charity for years as the Sanctuary is close to where I grew up at home in North Cork. Breda Clancy is the lady behind fundraising for the charity and she loved the idea of me creating some Paintings for the Donkey Sanctuary. I travelled up to Liscarroll at the end of September to take some photos of the donkeys. If you’ve never visited the sanctuary I highly recommend it. Kids absolutely love it and you can walk the grounds and visit all the donkeys on the site. It’s sure to turn any frown upside down!

It’s true the saying, never work with children or animals!!

It’s true the saying, never work with children or animals as the donkeys certainly have a mind of their own and getting the photos I wanted proved difficult. Stuart and his team were very patient with me as they guided about 5 different donkeys in front of the camera. Finally we found that the temptation of a ginger nut biscuit perked their interest and before long I had the photos I needed!!

So my Donkey Sanctuary muses are Jimmy and Lorcan. This is Jimmy, he’s a character, he always pushed his way in front of the other donkeys to have his photo taken and pulled the funniest faces, I just could’t resist painting him. Photo of Jimmy the Donkey

Lorcan is probably the smallest donkey I’ve ever seen, often nudged out by the bigger donkeys when it comes to getting your attention but his unusual bent ears made me notice him. This is the lovely Lorcan.
Photo of Lorcan the Donkey
Turns out when Lorcan was only a year old he was chased by youths into barbed wire leaving his ears badly damaged. Now at the ripe old age of 19 he is very well taken care of at the Sanctuary and is well able to fight his corner when a ginger nut biscuit is up for grabs!

The Paintings for the Donkey Sanctuary will be completed later this month, in time for Christmas, and will make a beautiful gift for any animal lover with the added benefit of supporting a much loved charity. A limited edition run of only 50 signed and framed archival prints (€75 each) will be made of Lorcan and Jimmy with profits going directly to the charity. Each print will carry the story of the donkey so you can follow their unique journey. You can place your order in advance by emailing

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One thought on “Paintings for the Donkey Sanctuary

  1. Hello Siobhan

    I enjoyed reading your blog and your paintings are fantastic. I came across your site, as I too luv donkeys (well all animals really, but donkeys are my favourite) and I volunteer at my local branch of the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, England. I wish you all the luck with future fund raising for this charity.



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