Limited Edition Prints of Animals

So why Prints of Animals?

Well, over the years I have painted oil and watercolor paintings of animals for the sheer joy it. Capturing a look or feel for the animal gives me great joy. While owning an original painting is a beautiful thing, not everyone has the budget for one. That got me thinking about prints and how it would be pretty cool if other people could share in the joy of owning one of my paintings. That’s when I decided to create Prints of Animals.

Of course they are not any old print! For me the finished product had to be superior in quality to other prints on the market. I spent a long time sourcing reputable printers in Ireland. I felt it was really important that my Prints of Animals matched the colours of the original paintings as closely as possible; in depth, presence and luminosity. A big ask, you might say, but I’m pretty determined and I found a print expert as fussy as I, and an absolute genius at what he does. The quality of print is so good it’s hard to tell the original from the print without running your finger over it! That makes me a happy woman!

Close up detail of print

Close up detail of print

As a graphic designer, working with paper for years, the quality of paper I chose was very important to me, and in my opinion is worth every penny. My
Prints of Animals are printed using the finest material, archival pigment inks and the best equipment available to ensure maximum longevity, print quality and colour accuracy. I feel that that these prints of animals are a reflection of me personally, and as an artist. It just wouldn’t feel right to produce them on anything less than perfection.

The added value of these prints of animals is that there are a limited edition of 100 prints of each painting. Each print is numbered 1 of 100, 2 of 100 and so on, titled and signed by myself. To ensure it is a genuine print, I issue a certificate with each print which includes my studio embossed logo and details of the print. We all like to give gifts that are special, have a story, and can be traced back to the designer/artist. If it’s for you or a friend, it makes the perfect gift.

Certificate of Authenticity

I’ve been selling these prints of animals for only a short while, and already I am learning about the people who buy them and the reason they buy them.

When ordered online the framed print comes in a lovely presentation box. I am particularly fussy about presentation and believe that when you buy online you should expect a nicely packaged gift. On receipt of your first purchase you receive a 10% discount on your next print. (I like to look after my loyal customers!)

I’ve been selling these prints of animals for only a short while, and already I am learning about the people who buy them and the reason they buy them. For example, I have found that people love them because of the expression of the animal, sometimes they are bought because the name of the print strikes a cord or the animal reminds them of a childhood pet. As long as they make someone smile and feel happy, I have succeeded in doing what I set out to do.
The most recent sale was to a gentleman who bought “I’ve herd it all” print for a friend of his turning 80 soon. His friend is a farmer who has reared shorthorn cattle all his life and he bought this print as he knew he would love it! How sweet, I love that!

Framed Limited Edition Print

Bought as a gift or for your own home, it gives me great joy to think someone would think so much of my painting, they would hang it in their home to enjoy. That’s is what it’s all about, and I love it!

Check out some of my prints of animals here and please check back often, as I will keep adding to this gallery over the next few months!

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